Climate Change, TED and WREF

3-1hansen_tedYesterday I had the chance to attend the simulcast of TED 2012. My favorite talk was given by James Hansen, the head of the NASA Goodard Institute for Space Studies in New York City. Hansen started his work as a scientist studying radiative transfer models on the planet Venus. Over time he shifted this work towards understanding the Earth’s atmosphere, in particular the effect of aerosols and trace gases on the climate. He is probably best known for his testimony to Congress in 1988 where he raised awareness of climate change. Hansen’s scientific work on climate change over the years has led him to becoming an activist in recent years which has led to his arrest on more than one occasion.

During his talk, Why I Must Speak Out on Climate Change, this scientist turned civil disobedient spoke quite eloquently and passionately about climate change, urging policy makers to make changes quickly to save the planet for our children and grandchildren. We agree that climate change is an important subject and we have a track at WREF 2012 that is devoted to the subject of climate change. Click to learn more about WREF 2012.

Photo: James Duncan Davidson

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