Discounts for Participating Organizations

3-16shakinghandMany organizations and groups work together to support this year’s World Renewable Energy Forum. If your organization would like recognition as a Participating Organization, and you agree to promote attendance at WREF, we can provide a discount for your members to use. Qualifying types of organizations include:

  • 501(c)3 Nonprofit organizations
  • Business or trade associations
  • Universities or schools
  • ASES Chapters
  • LinkedIn groups
  • Advocacy groups

When you qualify as a participating organization, we will:

  • Recognize your organization’s participation on the WREF website
  • Provide a discount code for your members to use.

To become a participating organization you agree to:

  • Put a button on your site that links to the WREF website
  • Promote attendance at WREF to your members via email and other tools that you use

Click here to get started!

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