Great Documentary: Women Leading the Sustainability Movement

3-8Arise-PhotosRecently I attended a screening at the 6th Annual Colorado Environmental Film Festival of the new documentary film , ARISE, narrated by Darryl Hannah.  The film captures the stories of women around the globe, who are leading the way to a sustainable future to rebuild their families, their neighborhoods and their communities. The film highlights a new generation of women who have acknowledged that the natural environment has become disconnected from our lives, our hearts and our beings. The featured women, from Africa, Palestine, Israel, India, Ecuador, and all over the United  States, including the South Bronx, San Francisco and Denver, speak with passion and conviction about their communities, their families and their connection with the natural world that surrounds them.

The theater was packed and the audience was captivated by the powerful emotions and the remarkable results across all demographics and all types of environments – from very rural to very urban. As a Bedouin Palestinian woman noted, with conviction, “When you can vision a different reality, you can live a different reality”.

The film won the Spirit of Activism Award at the Environmental Film Festival. Be sure and see this doc if you have the opportunity!

Be sure and check out the World Renewable Energy Forum ( in the Built Environment track for lots of panels on this and related topics!

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