Greening the World Renewable Energy Forum

300kW PV array on the Colorado Convention Center (Namaste photo)

The Colorado Convention Center (CCC), site of WREF 2012, has been generating solar power since 2008. The 300kW array on the south roof  uses 1,310 230-watt SunPower modules feeding three SatCon three-phase inverters. Installed with a nonpenetrating ballasted rack by Namasté Solar, it provides 14 percent of the building’s electricity year-round, and up to 23 percent during air-conditioning season (see the data log here. Another 25 percent of the building’s electric load is carried by wind power.

LEED: In May of 2010, the Colorado Convention Center received the LEED Existing Building Operations and Maintenance certification.

Waste and Water: CCC has an advanced waste-handling process that diverts 48 percent of its refuse from landfill to compost, recycling and donation programs. In Colorado’s high-prairie climate, water use is a critical issue, so the CCC landscaping used native drought-resistance palnts to reduce irrigation load by 75 percent. Water-saving measures are used throughout the complex.

Air Quality and Carbon Offsets: Drivers of delivery and passenger vehicles should note that Denver’s anti-idling ordinance is strictly enforced. Visitors are invited to use the two Bike Share stations ( The CCC sits astride Denver’s light rail line for low-carbon commuting. And attendees may purchase carbon credits on site to offset the carbon footprint of travel to WREF 2012.

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