SEMI/PV Group: Understanding and Addressing Environment, Health, and Safety Risks of PV Manufacturing

3-28sessionThe SEMI/PV Group to  Host Forum Session at WREF 2012.

For the PV industry to live up to its commitment of responsibly producing clean solar energy, environment, health and safety (EHS) risks need to be better understood and managed. As a step toward this reality, SEMI / PV Group will be hosting a Forum to identify EHS risks in PV manufacturing and share approaches to address these risks. Speakers will share best practices on protecting the health and safety of workers, conserving energy use, protecting the earth’s climate, reducing and properly disposing of wastes, reducing use of hazardous substances, and promoting product safety. This Session will be moderated by Sanjay Baliga, Senior Manager in the Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Division of SEMI / PV Group.

We hope you’ll join us at WREF 2012. Click here to register.

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