Technical Divisions: Why join one?

Why Join a Technical Division?

Solar Houses come in all shapes and sizes.

If you’re reading this then you might be interested in the American Solar Energy Society’s (ASES) Technical Divisions. People join ASES for many reasons, but Professional members often join to achieve professional advantage through education, sales, training and networking. The hub for these activities is attendance at the annual ASES conference World Renewable Energy Forum 2012, participating in the review of conference technical papers, and membership in the technical divisions. ASES’ divisions serve as the focal point for Professional members to interact with professionals with similar interests. If your livelihood depends on renewable energy, then ASES Professional and division membership is for you. As a Professional member you can participate in up to nine divisions depending upon you areas of interest.

What is an ASES Division?

Technical divisions exist to support the interests of the Professional members. ASES’ technical divisions include Solar Electric, Solar Buildings, Sustainability, Solar Thermal, Resource Applications, Clean Water and Energy, Sustainable Transportation, Concentrating Solar Power and Small Wind.

Division activities include:

  • Publishing division newsletters
  • Contributing to ASES publications including SOLAR TODAY, Solar@Work (e-newsletter for professionals), policy papers and other educational materials
  • Providing technical expertise to ensure papers presented at the annual conference are of the highest quality
  • Providing webinars and conference calls on topics of interest to the divisions, chapters and the general membership.

In addition, many states have decided to move ahead of the federal government in the development of renewable energy policy. ASES’ Chapter leadership can call on the divisions for technical information to help draft a policy position on a state issue.

While membership in technical divisions is open to all Professional members, the divisions are designed for those with a stake in the outcome of the field. If you’ve read this far you may be a good candidate to become a Professional member of ASES and join a technical division.

Click here to begin the joining process and become a Professional member so you can participate with the Divisions and gain the advantages they offer.


SOLAR TODAY magazine is published in a digital version as well as hard copy.

Click here to see the latest edition of Solar@Work.

Photos compliments of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

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