Using Green Technology to Transform Urban Landscapes

3-2The-LowLine300x200Finding new uses for old, unused space in urban places has been a dilemma many cities face. New York City is one that is successful at re-purposing relics from the past into modern, usable space. While I was in NYC for an extended stay I walked the HighLine, old train tracks that have been re-purposed into a gorgeous space for walking with gardens and spectacular views.

This week I discovered the LowLine, a project that aims to re-purpose an old trolley station into a beautiful, usable underground park. When Dan Barasch and James Ramsey discovered this abandoned station on Delancey Street on the Lower East Side in NYC they immediately saw a vision that would match design and solar technology.

3-2Delancey-Street300x200The approach of this project uses the latest in fiber optics to reflect light underground. The use of this green technology will reduce carbon emissions and electricity while providing a refuge for plants, trees and people from the busy urban landscape. A demo of the project just received full funding through KickStarter. We look forward to including this innovative space in a future ASES National Solar Tour. Until then if you want to support the Solar Tour this fall you can learn more here.


Click below to hear more about this visionary solar project.

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