Where’s the Wind?

Even though our name is American Solar Energy Society, our focus is broader than just solar power–extending into sustainability and renewables. For example, one of our technical divisions is devoted to wind. You can learn more about our wind division here. If you’re interested in wind, there’s also this really cool wind map. The map shows wind speed across the continental United States as well as the top speed and the average speed. The image below is what the wind looked like a few nights ago. Since ASES is located in a high fire danger area wind speed are always good to know. This would also be useful for those who use wind power.


During WREF 2012, there will be a tour of the NREL National Wind Technology Center. We hope you’ll join us to learn more about this powerful renewable energy source.

Register today for WREF 2012 before Early Bird pricing ends on April 13th.

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