Birds like solar too!

Happy-Bird-Solar-Sipper. Winter water for back-yard birds.
Happy-Bird-Solar-Sipper. Winter water for back-yard birds.

OK, I admit it, I’m a bird geek. I’m one of those “silly” people who get up early every Saturday morning, year-round, no matter what the weather, to meet up with other like-minded people to look for birds. With binoculars slung around our necks, bird guides in our pockets and identification apps ready on our phones, we head into the wilderness, or the city park, or sometimes even a cemetery, to see what we can find.

Enjoying birds doesn’t have to require a lot of time or energy. If you like birds but prefer to watch them from the comfort of your home, you can install a bird feeder, a bird house or a bird bath then relax on your porch or in front of your picture window to watch the show. And best of all, you can get feeders, baths and houses that are all SOLAR POWERED!

What could be nicer than a bird bath with water circulation powered by solar cells, or a bird house with a solar powered night-light or maybe a bird feeder that doubles as a solar-powered garden light in the evening? There are even passive-solar drinking stations that provides winter water for birds. It’s a double play…your feathered friends get well-being provided by your generosity while you enjoy watching them as they eat, bathe and raise a family, and it’s all solar-powered!

And if your attend an ASES-sponsored Solar Home Tour next October, you may even get to see a solar feeder or water station. Click here to find out about the ASES National Solar Tour.

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