Save Energy While Searching Online

blackleWe all know to turn off the lights when leaving the house and using more energy efficient lightbulbs. There are many little ways that we leak energy through small actions every day that may slip by in the rush of our daily routine. One way to save energy while online is by using Blackle, the Google powered search engine with a black screen. This project by Heap Media grew out of the discovery that black screens consume less energy than white screens.

The philosophy behind Blackle is that saving small amounts of energy adds up and that every time you see the black screen it will remind you to be mindful of your energy consumption. The search box is just like google with one small addition: the display of Watt hours saved. The site is also just as fast as the traditional Google site which means you can do good  for the planet without sacrificing performance.

Small actions can really add up to have an impact on our climate. WREF 2012,  which is a mere two weeks away, has an entire track devoted to climate change. We hope you’ll join us.

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