Trudy Forsyth has been a project manager at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory for the past 15 years, focusing on small or distributed wind technology and the U.S. market and the policies that shape the market. She leads the Distributed Wind projects on behalf of DOE, NREL and the industry, including:

  • Efforts between the National Wind Technology Center’s (NWTC’s) technical staff and U.S. manufacturers to design new small wind turbines and test prototypes;
  • Liaison with the DOE’s Golden, Colo., Field Office by coordinating NREL’s technical support for a variety of technology development and testing projects;
  • As an IEC secretary for both the 2nd and upcoming 3rd revision of IEC small wind design and safety standards;
  • As a presenter for numerous small wind turbine workshops on both technical and state policy/market information to both U.S. and international audiences; and
  • As part of the DOE/NREL Wind Powering America team, which works to break down barriers to wind energy.

Forsyth served on the National Organizing Committee for ASES 2007 and 2008, the Small Wind Certification Council, co-chair of the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners, small wind team, and the Women of Wind Energy steering committee. She received an NREL Staff Award in 2003 for Outstanding Community/Professional Service, and an IREC Special Recognition Award in October 2005 for her leadership and efforts to promote the use of renewable energy.

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