ASES Lifetime Leadership Award

Karl-and-Renate BoerASES honors Karl and Renate Böer, who are both ASES Fellows, with a Lifetime Leadership Award for their visionary leadership and contributions to ASES and the solar energy field.

Karl W. Böer was born in Berlin, Germany, and holds a Ph.D. in physics from Humboldt University. He came to the University of Delaware to teach physics in 1962, and became a professor of physics and engineering in 1972. He has received numerous awards and has more than 300 publications, 28 patents and several books to his credit. He created Physica Status Solidi, was its editor-in-chief in 1961, and still serves as an editor. He also designed the SolarOne House, the first house that converted sunlight into heat and electricity with hybrid collectors. Böer is now a distinguished professor of physics and solar energy emeritus at the University of Delaware.

Renate Böer was born in Germany, and holds a Ph.D. In international trade from the University of Cologne. Until her retirement, she was executive director and co-chair of the International Council of the State of Delaware. She has served as an ASES board member, treasurer and chair of the Fundraising Committee. She established the ASES Trust Fund, the proceeds of which are intended to fund an education/marketing position. She also established the ASES Board of Trustees to support ASES’ long-term financial viability. Renate represented ASES on the board of directors of the International Solar Energy Society and was vice president of the ISES Executive Committee.

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