Going Solar: JCC Scottsdale, AZ

Solar panels in Scottsdale, AZ

Name: Jewish Community Center

Installers: Centrosolar and Green Choice Energy

Location of panels: Scottsdale, AZ

This column not only features residential homes going solar, but also businesses and organizations that want to go solar as well. This process can be a challenge for non-profits, but the Jewish Community Center (JCC) in Scottsdale, AZ figured out how to successfully make it work. The JCC  has just gone 90% solar powered from a 1.3 MW Photovoltaic Solar Power Array system. The JCC used 5,685 Centrosolar E235 modules that the Green Choice Solar team installed between the JCC’s roof and 400 solar carport structures throughout the parking lot. By having Centrosolar team up with Green Choice Solar, it allowed the JCC to have a successful installation to help reduce their overall energy costs.

Solar panels at dusk
Solar panels at dusk

JCCs energy bills will be reduced by at least $6.8 million over the lifetime of the system making this installation vital to the success of the non-profit. From a prepared release, Herbert Abel, the CEO and Founder of Green Choice Solar, stated that “Our main goal with this project was to implement a sustainable, enviornmentally friendly energy plan for the organization that saves them money and allows them to dedicate more of their operating budgets to programs for the community each year and less to rising energy costs.” For an organization like the JCC, it is important to maintain their budget in the most effective way. Going solar will cut the JCC’s energy bill; this 1.3 MW installation will also offset 88.3 million pounds of greenhouse gas emissions annually.

Time-lapse of this installation:

This installation brought the Scottsdale community together as well. As Matt Kelly, the American Southwest Sales Manager from Centrosolar, explained in the prepared release, “With Centrosolar America’s headquarters located here in Scottsdale and Green Choice Energy also based here, this project is a great example of how hometown companies can come together to support local organizations and keep jobs in the community.” With these two leading solar companies, it gives promise to other solar installations in Scottsdale by allowing things to stay local and benefit the community.

ASES will hold its annual National Solar Tour this fall where you can show your home, host a tour or go on a tour.

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