Why I Went Solar: Jeffrey Atto

jattoName: Jeffrey Atto

Occupation: Information Technology Consultant (Owner of Concise Computer Consulting, LLC)

Location of panels: Birmingham, MI

What made you go solar?

I have always been interested in alternative energy, as well as sustainability and self-sufficiency.  Installing a solar PV array on my roof just seemed like the next logical step for me.

How has your life changed since you went solar?

Well, to start, I have been receiving checks from DTE rather than paying them for electric service.  Additionally, it just feels great knowing that the electricity that I use at home is derived from sunlight and not a less sustainable source.

What tips do you have for others who want to go solar?

Check with your local credit union to see if there are loan programs available for alternative energy projects.  In my case, I would have not been able to afford the system without both a credit union loan as well as a refund from the utility company.

ASES will hold its annual National Solar Tour this fall where you can show your home, host a tour or go on a tour.

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