Enjoy the Great Outdoors – Solar Style

SolartentSummer is winding down, but with Labor Day coming up campers are hitting the mountains for one last trip.  Eco-friendly campers are looking for a way to camp-out without hurting the environment:

Orange: Solar Concept Tent

Orange has revealed their idea of a tent for the future. Specially coated solar threads change the need for bulky panels into a lightweight material. The wireless control hub in the tent can charge devices, as well as light up your tent with special “glo-cation” when you text or call your phone. Orange plans to revolutionize the festival-goer’s experience with this new futuristic tent!


inhabitat: Solar Cooker

Cheng-Tsung Feng created this solar cooker as a quick response tool for emergency situations. But it would be perfect for camping as well, given it’s shape and lightness on the environment.  The cooker is its own full kitchen with a quick set up, ready to accommodate multiple people. The design has two solar cookers, neither relying on fuel. This new tool would make it easy for campers to heat their food and water with energy from the sun.

Camping Shower World: Reliance Solar Spray Shower

new showerThis Solar Spray Shower uses sunlight to heat water. Its lightweight, portable and features one of the biggest camping shower heads for a better water flow. You can hang it from almost anything with it’s S-hook cord, so pick a tree and get clean!

ThinkGeek: Sun and Moon Jars

Sun and Moon Jars store sun during the day and glow at night.  Each jar contains a solar cell, a AA battery and a low energy LED bulb. When direct sunlight hits the jar, the solar cell inside creates a electrical current charging the battery. At night this energy powers the LED bulb, making perfect outdoor lighting or a nightlight.


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