Solar-friendly Kids Toys

Ever wonder how you can get your kids interested in solar energy? Well your in luck, we found four of the most innovative solar-energy powered toys around:

Modcloth: You’ve Got the Power Solar iPhone Charger

iphone charger solar

iPhone’s are a device every age knows well. Connect this solar powered keychain to your iPhone or iPod for an instant charge-up. The built in solar panel will charge the 550 MAH battery when in direct sunlight. It can also be charged by computer. The key chain feature makes it quick and easy on the go!

officeplayground: Solar Motion Dog


The Solar Motion Dog is a decoration-toy for your home or office. The small solar panel on his collar powers his tail when the sunlight hits it. He doesn’t require batteries. So get your new, environmentally friendly & loyal companion today.



Edmund Scientifics: OWl 6 in 1 Solar Kit8-24.3152022_1


This toy doubles as an education kit. You can build six different working models. One at a time you can build two different planes, a boat, a windmill and a puppy.

Edmund Scientifics: OWl 7 in 1 Solar Rechargeable Transformers Kit


The 7 in 1 Solar Transformers are easy to assemble and allow kids to learn how energy can be recharged, stored in a power source. There are seven different models, two power charging stations and five vehicles all charged by the sun. This toy is perfect for any kid who loves cars.

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