Solar In the Headlines

Here are some interesting stories about solar installations that have hit headlines recently:

Wired: Exclusive Pics: Apple Breaks Grounds at Mystery Data Center

Photo Credit: Wired


In North Carolina, Apple is building a 20,000-square-foot massive tactical data center northwest of their main data center. From aerial photos taken by Wired’s iSpy Plane, it is clear that Apple is building a 4.8 MW array of Bloom Energy fuel cells working to convert biogas into electricity as well as a 100-acre solar farm.

TGDaily: Inspiration House is a Zero-Waste Building

All the way from Netherlands, a building called the Bosch Siemends Hausgerate (B/S/H) Inspiration House has some pretty astounding green technology and inspires a cradle-to-cradle design. This principle is all about the positive effect we can have on ecosystems by being waste free in construction by recycling or returning the materials to nature.

InsideClimate News: Brooklyn’s Self-Powered Solar Building: A Game-Changer for Green Construction?

delta-complexA Brooklyn triangular-shaped building defies the typical problems of getting solar on this type of building and will become one of the city’s greenest structures. Some of the green technologies this building has are: sun-deflecting, recycled glass red bricks; 70 solar panels lying flat on building’s sides; over a dozen solar panels hanging like awnings and above the roof on a metal rack. All the energy generated will result in 25% more energy than is needed by this building therefore the electricity will be sold to local fossil-fuel power grids.


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