Why I Went Solar: Don Fontana

Name: Don Fontana

Occupation: Retired

Location of panels: Las Vegas, NV

System Details: 66 Sharp Module Panels, 2-7 KW SAM Inverters; system rated at 14 KW, with a BT Monitoring System

What made you go solar?

In Las Vegas, we have sunshine 95% a year and to use this free source of power to create energy does not make it a difficult decision to go solar.

fontana-3How has your life changed since you went solar?

I used to pay between $400 and $600 a month for power and now I don’t have to pay nearly as much. I have a 14KW solar system that requires no maintenance, and I pay only $8.40 each month, which is a tax.  Many times, I create more power and return it for a credit to my bill.

What tips do you have for others who want to go solar?

People tend to be afraid that there will be outages, but my biggest tip is to not be afraid of this technology. Also, learn how the solar system is applied with your house AC Power.  Take advantage of the rebate and tax credits to lower the installation cost of the system.

ASES will hold its annual National Solar Tour this fall where you can show your home, host a tour or go on a tour.

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