New Election Sungevity Solar Survey

sungevity-solar-surveyA new election cycle survey, commissioned by leading solar company Sungevity, shows that Americans are ready for solar power now.  Financial benefits to the economy, specifically job creation and lower household energy costs, are top reasons for this support. Other key findings include:

• More than 70 percent of those surveyed say jobs created in the solar energy industry are better for our economy and our environment than jobs created in the coal, oil, nuclear and gas industries.  The majority of Americans (four out of five) believe that the increased use of solar power will reduce household energy costs and will help create local jobs.

• America’s commitment to solar is strong, with 80 percent of respondents are expecting their elected officials to support solar energy initiatives and 81 percent believe that regardless of who is in office, the White House and other official federal and state residences should use solar energy.

The Sungevity Solar Survey underscores the growing sentiment from people all across America about their hope for the increased adoption of solar power. Danny Kennedy, co-founder and president of Sungevity and author of the book Rooftop Revolution, is available for comment about the findings of this survey and its implications. It is important to also note that Sungevity has customers in your state. Thanks for your time and consideration.

Credit: Kathleen Edmondson from CITIZEN PAINE for Sungevity

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