Solar “Off-The-Roof” stands up with the PHATport 300 Porch

phatport2Glendale, CA – August 31, 2012  –  PHAT Energy, a Los Angeles solar systems designer, builder  and installer of pre-engineered solar structures, unveiled their latest PHATport model, the PHATport 340 “Porch”, on the backside of a private residence on the highest hilltop overlooking Glendale and Pasadena, CA.  This particular structure features market-leading 20% efficiency 327-watt panels from a leading solar panel manufacturer.  But the visitor has few clues that they are looking at a power plant when lounging underneath it, as all of the wiring disappears behind valences and wiring channels.  “The light filtering is very reminiscent of Maghrebian Berber tents” quips PHAT Energy CEO Philippe Hartley who grew up in that part of the world. “By giving center stage to the pattern made by these particular panels’ cell pattern, from underneath you essentially get the same canopy graphics as you find in North Africa’s beautiful nomadic tents.  And those people know how to keep cool.”

PHAT Energy’s line of PHATport structures is assembled from a kit of parts, so that once a certified builder has installed one, he can put up any variation of PHATport.  For the 340 “Porch”, like for all other structures, the designs are aesthetically driven by the concept that any canopy structure, be it a carport, an awning, a patio or a bus stop, must be appreciated from underneath for its lines, without compromising the need for service access by maintenance personnel.  PHATport’s Lead Designer Nick Tucker shares “there is no precedence for creating solar power plants which are meant to be pleasant to the eye on approach and from underneath.  The PHATport frames the very light that is leveraged by the photovoltaic panels, while making everything else that says ‘electric installation’ disappear.”  Structures can also feature car chargers, both 120 and 240v, as well as optional DC lights, speakers, fans and other customer specified elements.

Aside from the 300 line of PHATport structures, PHAT Energy also installs the 200 series, which is a considerably larger structure that mimics large wood beams spanning up to 24-feet.  The 200 series is considered the top-end structure in the company’s design options.

PHAT Energy markets the PHATport in Southern and Central California directly to both the residential and commercial market, including wineries and schools.  Outside of those regions and in other states, PHAT Energy is developing a network of dedicated dealers specifically for its 300 series.


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