Energy-Producing Algae to Power an Entire Building

algae-houseGermany has taken the world by storm with how environmentally conscious the country is as a whole. Germany’ energy portfolio includes 20% energy coming from renewable sources, with that number increasing to 35% by 2020.

Because Germany is a leader in the field of “green,” there is a net zero building, called BIQ, being constructed that includes energy-producing micro-algae that will completely power it. This concept was first introduced in 2011 at a competition entitled the Next Generation Design Competition. I guess the “Next Generation” is here now that this concept has been put into reality. Live micro-algae has never been used in this way before to produce energy. Another benefit of algae is how fast it grows in the direct sunlight, which helps block out the natural light entering the building, especially important during those hot days.The algae is used to produce energy by being harvested once it grows in a bioreactor that powers the building. This micro-algae building will be completed in March of 2013 and will be showcased at the International Building Exhibition in Hamburg, Germany.

Source: TG Daily This micro-algae facade powers a net zero house

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