Film Industry Heads to Solar with Avatar 2

Stellar Energy

If you’ve seen James Cameron’s Avatar, then you are well aware of the subtle green undertones perceived throughout the movie. One of the many “green” messages seen in the movie is man’s chase for precious resources. The movie presents the idea that one hard-to-reach resource valuable to mankind is terms enough to destroy whatever is in its way (sounds like what we are doing to obtain oil these days).

After Avatar came out, there was backlash that Cameron doesn’t preach what he is teaching through this film. One of the main themes seen in the film is respecting earth and it’s resources. This is clear because of the way Cameron idolizes the Na’vi people of Pandora over the Humans of Earth. The Na’vi have a deep connection with their planet and the nature they surround themselves by. These people prove the importance of nature to their own well-being and the fear that if it is destroyed, their home will be as well.

Backlash came to Cameron because with all the cinematics and new technology used by his film, the amount of energy that he generates from the lifecycle of making the film is obscene. The movie is about using your resources adequately and not destroying the earth to get them. Therefore, Cameron has built a huge solar array on his studios that will power all of Avatar 2 and 3, instead of focusing on conventional energy that is leading to detrimental retrieval methods like fracking and tar sands. Stellar Energy teamed up with Jame’s Cameron to build a 960 kw solar array. This project includes 3,692 solar modules that have been added to the rooftops of most of Cameron’s production studios. Cameron believes that all these solar modules will be enough to reach his goal of net zero production.

Source: Huffington Post ‘Avatar’ 2 Will Have Greener Set With Solar Array, James Cameron Announces

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