Nebraska Steps Up its Renewable Energy Game


There’s a push to create more green jobs in Nebraska.

At a recent Legislative meeting many representatives from engineering and renewable energy companies testified as to why Nebraska needs to do more to train young people for green jobs.

A recent study done by the Sierra Club of Nebraska concludes the state could create an additional 14,000 jobs by 2030 if the state’s wind and solar energy resources are tapped.

At Western Nebraska Community College the Dean of Workforce Development says he’s working to expand their wind energy program to include solar energy.

“Alternative energy sources are cleaner, so generally you’re going to have more longevity and regulation, those types of things. So it’s good to get in the mix as early as possible and try to become a leader in it.”

Nebraska has the fourth best wind resources and the ninth best solar resources in the country.


View the report here:, KDUH, Scottsbluff, News, Weather and Sports

Source: KOTA Legislature pushes for more “Green Jobs” training

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