Congratulations to the National Solar Sweepstakes Winners!


The 2012 National Solar Tour, which took place in October, marked the start of ASES’ Annual National Solar Sweepstakes! Over 1300 people entered, with only five lucky winners being selected. Solar Tour attendees and interested ASES’ fans were asked to enter in the National Solar Sweepstakes for the chance to win one of the following:

  1. $2500 to the home improvement store of your choice
  2. $1000 to the home improvement store of your choice
  3. Goal Zero Portable Solar Charging Kit (3 were chosen)

The National Solar Sweepstakes grand prize winner, C.J. Colavita from Maryland remarked:

Wow! What a great surprise. Thank you so much. My family and I are so excited!”

Photo Credit: Molly Aguilar. Second place winner, Randy Swartz, with his family
Photo Credit: Molly Aguilar. Second place winner, Randy Swartz, with his family

Second place winner, Randy Swartz from West Virginia, also showed the same excitement. Randy spoke with ASES shortly after winning to explain what he plans to do with the $1000 prize he has received to Loews. Randy has been involved in the renewable energy field for years due to his company, Home Efficiency Solutions, LLC, which specializes in home energy audits. After winning, Randy showed his enthusiasm by saying:

That’s awesome!!! I’m so excited. This will come in handy, as we are in the middle of renovating our home due to water damage. Thank you SO much!!!”

The three third place winners were: Doug Jones from Minnesota; Matt Schneider from Washington; and Roy Burris from Arizona. All three third place winners were very excited to learn about their winnings especially because of their interest in solar. Now, they all have portable solar panels that they can use to charge up their cell phones, laptops, and whatever else they carry around with them.

Learn about the National Solar Tour here!

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