EPA Releases Its List Of Top Green Power Users, With Intel Corporation In The Lead!

epa1.31The Green Power Partnership is the EPA’s voluntary program to encourage organizations and businesses across the nation to use green power. The EPA has recently released their lists of the top organizations using the most renewable energy. Intel Corporation is still the leading user of green power and has increased their usage by over 300 million kWh annually and is now able to meet 100 percent of their electricity use! Intel uses biogas, biomass, small-hydro, solar, and wind power to meet these requirements. Other top organizations for green power use include Kohl’s Department Stores, Microsoft Corporation, and Whole Foods Market. Other than the National Top 50 list, the EPA has also released the Top 20 Retail, Top 20 College & University, Top 20 Local Government, and Top 20 On-site Generation. The amount of green power used annually by EPA’s Green Power Partners is equivalent to avoiding the CO2 emissions of more than 2.1 million average American homes!

Source: United States Environmental Protection Agency, National Top 50

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