Japan’s Plan to Build the World’s Largest Wind Farm!


Photo: treehugger.com, January 21, 2013
Photo: treehugger.com, January 21, 2013

Plans are being made for the world’s first 1-gigawatt wind farm to be built off the coast of Fukushima. Clean energy is the smartest alternative to nuclear energy for Japan, and they are ready to face the challenge! According to Physorg, the new farm is expected to produce 1 gigawatt using 143 turbines, in comparison to the current largest farm in the U.K. that produces 504 megawatts using 140 turbines. The plan to mount the turbines on floating steel frames off the coast of Fukashima is the supposed key to success in building the world’s largest wind farm. This massive project, along with plans for the largest solar farm in Japan, will hopefully help Japan reach its goal to be 100% energy self-sufficient by 2040!

Source: Treehugger, World’s Largest Wind Farm to be Built 10 Miles Off Coast of Fukushima


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