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Why are these homeowners smiling? They’ve just delivered a petition with 3,500 signatures to their local elected officials calling for better solar incentives in their city!

Building the renewable energy movement from the ground up!

We know that most Americans would produce their own clean local energy if it were easy and affordable. We don’t tell you why you should want it. We tell you ­how to get it. We show you who figured it out, and how they did it. We connect you to news and tools to help make it happen on your home, in your town, on your farm, on your church, or on your school.

Tell us what you want to know. Share your projects, success stories and challenges. As more of us join the network, we get stronger and are better able to build more homegrown clean energy.

In the next few months we expect to cover subjects such as:

  • Solar soft costs
  • Solar rights
  • Solar communities

We want to hear from you! Contact: info@ases.org.


If you are interested in learning more about solar energy or promoting solar policies in your state, you need to first understand how the rules work in your area. When you install a solar system there is an upfront cost that can be partially or completely offset by various federal and state incentives. The following websites will help you!

Solar Power Rocks
A breakdown of your state’s solar incentives, that ranks the state’s legislature on their level of support for solar. Go
Freeing the Grid
A policy guide that grades states on their net metering and interconnection procedures. Go!
ACORE’s Renewable Energy in the 50 States
An executive summary on the status of renewable energy implementation at the state-level. Go!
Clean Energy Authority A website that gives a breakdown of each state’s solar rebates and incentives. Go!
DSIRE USA A very detailed site of renewable energy policies and incentives, and a glossary that explains each type of incentive and regulation. Go!

Use the tools!

How does your state stack up? Which tool worked best for you?



Community Power Network 

We are working to expand the network of groups and individuals fighting for clean, local renewable energy. Learn more.
Your Organization Here 
Let us feature your project, campaign, or company in the next Solar Citizen update! Contact us.
Your Organization Here 
Let us feature your project, campaign, or company in the next Solar Citizen update! Contact us.


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