AllEarth Renewables Announces Zero Cost Residential and Community-Scale Solar Program!

AllEarth Renewables is a Vermont solar manufacturer and the largest developer of solar in the state, providing solar to numerous local companies and hundreds of homeowners. The company has just recently announced a new program to finance solar at no cost to homeowners, businesses, non-profits, and public institutions. The residential lease is unique in the state by offering a no cost lease for homeowners to net meter with solar at or below their electric rates and be given the opportunity to fully own the system at a significantly reduced cost after 7 years. The community-scale solar least is similar to the residential lease, but with a guaranteed electric bill savings of 10 percent a year for larger customers such as non-profits and schools. The lease payments under both options in this “home state” program will be at or below the customer’s electricity savings, producing a zero net-cost agreement. This third-party type of financing model which now makes up the majority of solar installation nationally is not normally available throughout smaller markets like Vermont. AllEarth Renewables is excited to be a local manufacturer with the ability to provide Vermont customers with the opportunity to net meter their energy and produce immediate savings on their electric bills. This company has installed more than 1,400 AllSun Trackers and is an Inc. 500 company for fastest growing companies nationwide. The solar projects all will feature the dual-axis AllSun Tracker, which produces up to 45 percent more energy than fixed rooftop solar and won a Green Product of the Year award in 2012.

Source: News Release – Solar at no Cost: AllEarth Renewables announces zero cost residential and community-scale solar program

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