Eighty percent of Ohio voters support requiring a portion of the state’s energy to come from clean sources!


According to the results of a recent statewide public opinion survey, a solid majority of Ohioans support investment in renewable energy and the state’s law which encourages those investments. Ohio is a very fast growing state for renewable energy investments and this data further confirms that policymakers should continue on the successful course they have taken since the clean energy law was passed in 2008. According to this public opinion poll almost eighty percent of Ohio voters support laws requiring Ohio to produce a portion of its electricity from clean energy sources and that three out of four Ohioans support increasing the number of the state’s wind farms. The poll also found that nearly two-thirds of voters support the policy to promote clean energy sources making Ohio less dependent on fossil fuels, and nearly sixty percent of Ohioans would be willing to pay up to $3 a month to use clean energy sources. This public survey is a good representation of the positive attitude towards renewable energy in the state of Ohio and upcoming Senate hearings should have no problem confirming and continuing the advances Ohio has made in clean energy.

Source: AWEA News Release- Eighty percent of Ohio voters support requiring a portion of the state’s energy to come from clean sources

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