Highlights of SOLAR 2013 Technical Sessions

The American Solar Energy Society has accepted 280 technical papers for presentation during the 42nd National Solar Conference, SOLAR 2013, in Baltimore, April 16-20.

NREL Director, Dan Arvizu, speaks at WREF (Photo by Dennis Schroeder)

Highlights of the technical session include:

  • New techniques for making high-performance quantum-dot and nanoparticle photovoltaic cells.
  • The status of the High Definition PV project, an industry-wide program to reduce the cost of solar installations through plug-and-play standardization.
  • Several new techniques to reduce the cost of dispatchable power from concentrating solar thermal (CSP) plants, a key development in providing cheap, clean solar power to run municipal grids through the night.
  • Solar-powered furnaces that generate hydrogen or syngas fuels at high efficiency.
  • A wide variety of simplified techniques for minute-to-minute and hour-to-hour forecasting of solar farm output, useful for balancing loads across geographic regions.
  • Efficient new ways to store solar-heated hot water – and use solar heat to drive air conditioners.
  • Cheap feedstocks for cheap biodiesel.
  • Hybrid light rail that runs when the grid goes down.
  • Driving large desalination and waste-water recovery systems with renewable energy.

Register today to learn about the immediate future of cheap, clean and distributed energy – its role in the future of the economy and the resilience of America’s infrastructure.

And watch these ASES bulletins for highlights of architectural, finance and policy breakthroughs to be analyzed at SOLAR 2013.

For more information CLICK HERE or visit solar2013.org

The 42nd annual National Solar Conference, SOLAR 2013, examines policy initiatives that can streamline permitting and financing for large and small projects. It explores the emergency-preparedness aspects of distributed power, and the industry’s road forward as renewable installations double annually. SOLAR 2013 is the best opportunity all year for investors, businesses, policy analysts and other renewable energy researchers to exchange ideas and explore new concepts. Established in 1954, the nonprofit American Solar Energy Society is the nation’s leading association of solar professionals and advocates. Our mission is to speed the transition to a sustainable energy economy.

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