Two Universities Begin Kilowatt Throwdown To See Who Can Generate The Most Electricity For The Power Grid!


Tennessee Tech University (TTU) and Chapman University are the first schools to engage in a kind of contest to see who can produce the most energy for the power grid by using the SportsArt Fitness Green System gym equipment installed at each school’s recreation center. SportsArt Fitness is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of high quality cardiovascular and strength equipment, and who may be considered the gurus of the green workout. The contest is running from February 15-March 15; the school that produces the most energy will win a $7,000 treadmill from SportsArt Fitness. EcoFit, a separate company that provides the monitoring equipment that can be used with the Green System, will provide the top exercisers (energy producers) with separate awards.

The Green System at each school consists of various cardio units connected to an inverter that is hard-wired into the building’s electrical system. The energy fed back into the grid from exercisers will offset power consumption within the building. The Green System project is a perfect fit for TTU because of its strong community commitment to green initiatives. Students and staff at Chapman University are also very eager to work hard enough to churn more energy than Tennessee Tech, winning the contest. Both of these schools generate a great deal of energy in their fitness centers, and could not resist the opportunity to reduce some of that with this equipment available to them.

Source: SportsArt Fitness News Release- The world’s first Kilowatt Throwdown pits two universities in a contest to see who can generate the most electricity for the power grid – from exercising

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