Bosch Solar Energy Announces the Completion of Project in Maui County!

Source: Bosch Solar Energy, Maui County car port

Bosch Solar Energy, a division of the Bosch Group, has completed the largest solar photovoltaic project in Maui County, Hawaii. The Bosch Group’s Solar Energy Division is a leading supplier of photovoltaic products. This company offers high quality solar cells and modules for photovoltaic power generation; the division also develops top-quality turnkey solar power plants. The completed solar project in Maui is 1.9 megawatts and will provide power for 11 sites including: four fire stations, two senior centers, the Lahaina police station, the Eddie Tam Community Center, and the Kihei Aquatic Center. Two wastewater treatment facilities occupy the largest number of solar panels installed, at 3,696 panels. Mayor Alan Arakawa comments that this project provided more than 200 local jobs for four months and will save the county in total more than $10 million over 20 years. Maui county was able to go solar with no upfront costs because Bosch Solar energy and its partners jointly developed, constructed, and financed the Power Purchase Agreement project. The completion of this large project is a great contribution to the county’s commitment to installing renewable energy systems and reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

Source: Bosch Solar Energy news release- Bosch Solar Energy Completes 1.9 Megawatt Project in Maui County

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