Young Professionals in Renewable Energy

SOLAR 2013 will now feature special events for emerging professionals and young leaders transitioning into renewable energy and sustainability! ASES and the Young Professionals in Renewable Energy Conference offers you the opportunity to explore sustainable energy solutions through the eyes of your peers in engineering, planning, architecture, design, and education. Come to SOLAR 2013 to expand your social networks, connect with seasoned professionals, job hunt, and learn about the latest advances in renewable energy research.

So what is a “Young Professional”?

young-professionalsToday’s energy and environment solutions are sustainability-based and systems-oriented, which means locally-based strategies, highly engaging projects demanding leadership, trans-disciplinary teams, and requiring amazing creativity. We are looking for the next generation of leaders. We invite students, recent graduates, and transitioning professionals who have been a part of the renewable energy industry within the last five years. The cohort includes designers, engineers, policy makers, faculty, companies recruiting new employees, and others to participate in this all-important discussion of how the US will train and support the workforce of the New Energy Economy. The young professional is also looking to be in tune with sustainable energy initiatives and will be looking for local opportunities to adapt and expand. ASES is the place for integration of disciplines! If you’re looking to transition to a clean energy career, you can experience the following specialties at SOLAR 2013:

● Sustainability in Energy and the Environment
● Solar Resource Assessment
● Solar Finance & Policy
● Solar Energy for Heat and Power
● Concentrating Solar Power
● Solar in the Built Environment
● Energy Engineering and Efficiency
● Sustainable Transportation
● Wind Energy

You may also find opportunities in the critical cross-disciplinary business specialties including law, finance, management, marketing/communications or human resources. Come to SOLAR 2013, become a member of the American Solar Energy Society, and learn about the opportunities that await you!

Contact Jeffrey Brownson 814.867.4227

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