Fiji Resort Sets a New Standard for Worldwide Resorts, by Operating on Nearly 100% Solar Energy!


Turtle Island Resort is located on Turtle Island, Yasawas, Fiji. This resort has recently completed a groundbreaking solar installation, making it one of the first ever clean energy resorts in the world.  This extraordinary project entailed a total of 968 solar panels being installed on the island, it commenced in early 2012 and is now fully operational; the installation renders the resort nearly 100% self-sufficient on the sun’s clean energy. Through its ecologically conscious operations, the resort runs on an average of 85% solar power, more than any other island resort in Fiji, and perhaps any luxury resort worldwide.  The new solar installation on Turtle Island produces 1 mega watt of power a day, enough to cover 100% of the power needs of the island on a sunny day. Even on rainy or cloudy days, the backup generator reduces the total solar power to about 85%, maintaining outstanding energy efficiency. This project has also provided surrounding villagers with numerous job opportunities. The installation will save an estimated 220 tons of carbon emissions per year, significantly reducing the island’s carbon footprint, and setting a new standard for luxury resorts around the world. Turtle Island has been a leader in sustainable tourism for some time now; owner Richard Evanson has worked to preserve its rich biodiversity, provide the island with a 90% tree canopy, and protect the cultural integrity of the indigenous reforestation program over the last 3 decades. Evanson has planted some 900,000 trees on the island which has promoted ecological diversity, re-established indigenous forests, prevented soil erosion, created windbreaks, and added to the extraordinary natural beauty on the island. Through this important solar installation and many other efforts, Turtle Island continues to set a new standard for hotels and resorts around the world to offer guests a socially conscious option for global travel.

Source: News release- Turtle Island Resort in Fiji Sets a New Standard for Worldwide Resorts, by Operating on Nearly 100% Solar Energy

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