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Solar water heaters allow you to heat your home or business’s water via the thermal energy of the sun. Image courtesy of Sunnovations.

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NEWS YOU CAN USE: What’s a Solar Water Heater?

Although they are not in the news as often as solar electric (PV) systems, solar water heaters are alsoImage Courtesy of NREL a great way to save money and go solar.

Solar water heaters use the heat of the sun to preheat water for your water tank. A liquid substance, similar to antifreeze, is pumped up to panels on the roof where it is heated. The heated liquid is then pumped back through though coils in your water heater, heating your water and offsetting some of your electricity or gas use.

On average, installing a solar water heater can reduce your water heating bills by 50%-80%. And, because the sun is free, you’re protected from future fuel shortages and price hikes.

Solar water heaters are also less expensive than PV systems. Depending on your location and the size of your home, a system can cost from $2,000 to $6,000. Although that price is higher than that of a traditional gas or electric system, you will save significantly more in fuel costs over the life of the system.

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Image courtesy of Arlingtonians for a Cleaner Environment
Image courtesy of Arlingtonians for a Cleaner Environment



SC-7-energygov-300x150 SC-7-consumersguide
Energy.Gov  The Department of Energy has a great website that gives an overview of solar water heating technology and provides tools for you to use as you’re deciding whether to purchase a system. A Consumer’s Guide: Heat Your Water with the Sun  This guide walks you through how solar heating systems work, how they’re used, their benefits, and how to purchase one yourself. It is very reader-friendly and a great resource!
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Solar Water Heating Fact Sheet  This fact sheet gives a good overview of solar electric and solar water heating technologies. It also outlines how to determine if solar water heating is a good fit for your home. EnergyStar  EnergyStar offers certified solar water heating systems, making it easy to find a high quality system to install.




The Ohm residential solar hot water monitoring system by Sunnovations is the first cost-effective, full feature monitoring system that can also be installed by most DIYers. It is also the only monitoring system that can tell users how much solar as well as backup energy is used in heating their water.

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