The Mythic Modern: Mythology, Ecology, and Technology…The Spirit of Place

Travis-Roof-picThe emerging architecture and passive building technology sessions ended with a bang at the forum- The Mythic Modern: Mythology, Ecology, and Technology…The Spirit of Place. We were given the great pleasure to hear Travis L. Price III, a fellow of AIA, speak about his inspiration and work.

Travis Price has been an architect, author, educator, and philosopher for three decades and has developed a modern architecture informed by ecology and mythology that restores the spirit of place to modern design. Travis speaks in great detail about the inspiration he gained from Chaco Canyon in New Mexico and his ideas of spirit of place and spirit of design. He says that great architects must have some kind of metaphor in which they live, work, and design by. He says that our dreams create our spirit and our myths. Travis also covers geography of the spirit in modern design and the history of cultural form makers and their power on architecture.

As a teacher, Travis first chooses a destination for a project that has cultural and spiritual ties. He has his students each develop an architectural project, and then all of the ideas are merged together to form one. The team actually goes to this destination and builds the project in just nine days. Travis takes us around the world with some amazing photographs of places and projects developed by his students and himself. This talk was extremely engaging and thought-provoking for anyone who was able to attend.

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