An Important Message for Readers of Solar@Work

An urgent message for our readers

Dear Solar Advocate:

I’m sending you this letter because you’ve signed up to be a regular reader of one or more of our publications:  You read SOLAR TODAY Magazine, either in print or on line, and you may also have signed up to receive our email bulletins, Solar@Work and Solar Citizen.  You’re active in the solar community, and you may be a member of an ASES chapter. You use the information in our publications to stay abreast of innovations in energy research and policies, and in tools and practices at the deployment/installation level.

This is in keeping with the mission of ASES: to accelerate deployment of renewable energy technology through exchange of technical information, public education and streamlining of finance, permitting and interconnect practices.

For ASES to continue in that mission, we need your help now. Specifically, we need to expand the reach of our Solar Citizen project, and support existing programs and publications so as to assure their continuation beyond 2013.

My name is Seth Masia. You may know me as an editor of SOLAR TODAY and Solar@Work. I was recently appointed interim executive director of ASES. I am writing because I need you to JOIN ASES TODAY as a dues-paying member.  ASES publications have a combined audience of about 55,000 readers, so we know we are making a difference in the renewable-energy community and beyond. But only about 10 percent of those readers pay dues to ASES. If SOLAR TODAY or our newsletters are important to you, we need you to join today. As a member, you’ll receive the print edition of SOLAR TODAY, mailed to you eight times a year, and discounted registration for the ASES National Solar Conference.

And please make a tax-deductible donation to ASES todayso that ASES can continue to meet the growing demand for its services.  Whether you can afford a donation of $25, $50, $100 or more, I need you to send it to ASES — today!

It is no secret that the nation has been suffering an economic crisis since 2008. Many companies, even in core industries, have failed. Businesses closed and as jobs were lost, families lost their homes.

ASES, too, was hurt by the long recession.  At the time of the housing market crisis in late 2008, ASES membership was growing steadily, and with it, revenue from solar-industry sponsors and advertisers. The growing revenue stream allowed ASES staff to develop new services available to its membership, to the industry and to the public, all in accordance with the organization’s mission.

Through the recession, support for solar (and renewable energy in general) continued to increase — in fact, solar installations doubled and redoubled every year.  But the solar industry matured, and consolidated. Installation boomed, but manufacturing jobs were lost and research budgets slashed. ASES lost an important source of the income upon which it depended to meet the demand for its services.

In spite of the loss of revenues, ASES maintained its services. We even increased the frequency and reach of our publications, but without realizing new revenue. As a result, ASES incurred deficits. Now, as the economy slowly recovers, so must ASES.

We have much more work to do. We must help the renewable energy industries, and their supporters in government, to face down determined attacks on the progress we’ve already made at the state level. We need to continue spreading the word about streamlined permitting practices. We need to educate students, their parents and local officials regarding the economic and environmental benefits that solar brings to any community. These are goals of the Solar Citizen program.

These are also local campaigns. ASES, through its network of chapters and member-advocates across the nation, is uniquely qualified to wage them. To do that, we need to publish, broadcast and speak out. All of which require a stable financial base.

We’re counting on your support.

When you join or contribute to ASES, you support and advance our projects and publications. Please consider upgrading your membership, to the Professional or Business level. Consider extending your membership for three years instead of one. Consider buying a gift membership for one or more colleagues in the renewable energy movement.

And ask others to join ASES NOW.

Thank you in advance for your support of ASES.


Seth Masia

Interim Executive Director
American Solar Energy Society

Please click here to join ASES now.

Please click here to donate. Or send your check, in any amount, to

American Solar Energy Society

Member Donation 613
4760 Walnut Street
Boulder CO 80301


Be sure to include your mailing address so that we can send a receipt for tax purposes.

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