Jerry Brown: California Will Lead on Renewables

Jerry Brown, Cal Gov
Gov. Jerry Brown of California, speaking at Intersolar NA

California Gov. Jerry Brown, speaking at the opening ceremony for Intersolar NA this week, vowed that his state will continue to lead the nation — and perhaps the world — in research, development and deployment of renewable energy, specifically to fight climate change.

“Most countries, except for Germany, are not meeting the climate challenge,” Brown said. “Our response has been feeble compared to the magnitude of the challenge. What is our responsibility as human beings? It’s not just to provide entertainment and shopping. We also need to produce food, schools and energy.”

To deploy sufficient carbon-free energy sources, in the face of opposition from the oil, coal and gas industries, “We need to marshall intelligence and political action,” Brown said. “It will take leadership in politics, businesses, churches and the academic community. It will take research and development, energy storage, and reductions in soft costs.”

Brown launched California’s first round of solar incentives in 1978, during his first two-term tenure as governor. California now puts more than 2,000 gigawatt-hours of solar power into its grid, and Brown wants to see 1 million GWh by 2025, to meet the 33-percent RPS. The state now has 130,000 PV installations on homes and businesses, growing toward Brown’s stated goal of a million solar roofs.

“Solar is a business, but it’s also a calling,” he said. “I guarantee we will get there, because as governor I will remove the obstacles. The sun is shining brightly in the state of California!”

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