Public Technical Divisions

ASES Technical Divisions bring together members with similar interests in order to exchange information. Membership in ASES Divisions is a benefit of ASES Professional and Organizational membership.

Divisions Chair: David Comis


Division Activities Include

  • utilityRoomPublishing newsletters
  • Organizing webinars
  • Conducting an annual meeting of their members in conjunction with the National Solar Conference
  • Providing technical expertise to Conference Technical Review Committees, the development of Find Solar estimator modules, and ASES Policy Statements and White Papers
  • Keeping members informed of the latest developments in their area(s) of interest through their individual websites

Current ASES Divisions

Solar Electric Division

Chair: David Comis
Includes direct energy conversion of the sun’s rays to electricity including photovoltaic (PV) energy technology, concentrating photovoltaic (CPV), and photovoltaic thermal technology (PV/T) that captures heat off the back side of PV, cooling them, thus making more electricity.


Solar Buildings Division

Chair: David Panich
Passive solar heating and cooling, daylighting, Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV), site design, building design tools and case studies.


Solar Thermal Division

Chair: Ron Gehl
Concerned with methods and processes which utilize solar flux for heat driven applications. Includes solar ponds, desalination of water, agricultural drying, process heat for industry, photo-enhanced processes (hazardous waste treatment), high temperature solar enhanced processes (water decomposition to form hydrogen), materials processing (high tensile strength fiber production by chemical vapor deposition), solar pumped laser, district heating and cooling, and solar cookers.


Wind Division

Chair: Trudy Forsyth
The Wind Division advances and promotes small wind, also referred to as “distributed wind turbines” (DWT), as key to global energy sustainability and promotes the development, exchange, and utilization of information on DWT, encourages research and education in the field, and promotes widespread development and use of renewable energy, with an emphasis on residential-scale applications.


Resource Assessment Division

Chair: Jan Kleissl
The development, acquisition, and forecasting of solar radiation resources and dissemination to the end user.


Energy Economics Division

Chair: Bill Ellard
Promotes renewable energy economics and choices that could affect the efficiencies of the energy markets. Of particular focus is solar, distributed generation (DG), existing energy sources, demand side management (DSM), smart grid technologies, and intelligent software to guide the powerful new grid of the future. Reshaping our energy economy to bring free market principles into energy markets helps to create new jobs and accelerates aggregate demand in our economy.


Sustainability Division

Chair: John Essig
Promotes the development, exchange, and use of information on the multiple environmental and societal benefits of renewable energy combined with energy efficiency and conservation.



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