We’d like to give fresh solar-baked brownies for all!

The American Solar Energy Society (ASES) is a membership-based nonprofit organization that advances awareness about solar and renewable energy.

Join ASES and you’ll receive an annual subscription to the award-winning SOLAR TODAY magazine (8  issues per year).

You will also:

  • Stay informed about solar energy breakthroughs and opportunities
  • Advance policies for green jobs and clean energy across America
  • Gain energy efficiency tips, DIY solutions and business trend insights

You’ll be supporting a long-standing, UN-accredited membership organization that works to achieve 100% renewable energy for all. ASES is the American chapter of the International Solar Energy Society (ISES).  ISES helps its diverse membership in over 100 countries to make a difference, be informed and connected. An ASES business membership also includes an ISES membership!

ASES offers different levels of membership. All members receive an annual subscription to SOLAR TODAY magazine, your membership also supports the American Solar Energy Society. We appreciate your support.

ASES Sixtieth Anniversary Membership Discount Offer
Our birthday gift to you: Save money on your membership or renewal

To celebrate our 60th anniversary, the American Solar Energy Society today launches its 2014 drive for new membership. Our goal: double ASES membership by this time next year.

To kick off the campaign, ASES is pleased to offer one month of discounts on new memberships and membership renewals, as our gift to members and ASES newsletter subscribers.

This is an opportunity to save money on

• New memberships for colleagues and friends
• An upgrade to Professional, Business or Life membership
• Your membership renewal (if your membership will expire before the end of 2014)

Remember: Professional Members are entitled to a 25 percent discount on registration at SOLAR 2014, the 43rd National Solar Conference in San Francisco, July 6-10. Don’t delay: Join or upgrade now and save on Conference registration!

This offer ends July 10, 2014.

Just click here. Then choose your level of membership and enter the appropriate discount code:
Basic Membership (usually $39)
This month $30, save 23 percent: discount code ASES60th-Basic
Professional Membership (usually $89)
This month $60, save 32 percent: code ASES60th-Pro
Business Membership (usually $300)
This month $240, save 20 percent: code ASES60th-Business
Life Membership (usually $1200)
This month $900, save 25 percent: code ASES60th-Life

Already have a membership but want to upgrade? Contact in order to upgrade your membership!




Basic Membership $39

An ASES Basic Membership is $39 per year.  A subscription to SOLAR TODAY magazine will be sent to your home or office.

ases 60 year anniversaryCombined Chapter and ASES Membership $60

To celebrate the 60th Anniversary of ASES, now save money when you join or renew with your state chapter at the same time you join or renew ASES.

ASES joins with participating chapters in offering a combined membership for $60. That saves at least $10/year with most chapters.

You may use the combined membership ONLY for the following chapters:

  • Northern California
  • Florida
  • Indiana
  • Kentucky
  • Maine
  • Mid-Atlantic
  • Minnesota
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • Texas

Begin the membership process, and at the check-out page choose your chapter! It’s easy!




Professional Membership $89 / $49 / $39

Consider joining the American Solar Energy Society as a Professional member:

  • Professional members are entitled to a discount for attending the National Solar Conference
  • Connect with insightful experts through ASES Technical Divisions
  • Gain the professional credibility of being among the nation’s solar leaders
  • Help speed the transition to a sustainable energy economy

There are three different types of Professional Memberships, which qualify you for a discount at the National Solar Conference:

  • $89 Professional Member – Required to participate in the National Solar Conference
  • $49 Senior Professional – 65 years old or older. Must email proof of age to or this membership will not be valid.
  • $39 Student Professional – MUST be a CURRENT Pre-PhD Graduate, Undergraduate, or K-12 students. Must email copy of current validated Student ID to, or this membership will not be valid.

The standard membership term is one year. Additional terms:

  • Senior members must be age 65+.
  • Student members must be full-time students, and be able to prove their student status.
  • Members outside the U.S. will receive the magazine digitally unless they also purchase a SOLAR TODAY print subscription.




Professional Supporting Member $125

  • Supporting members get all the benefits of Professional membership, PLUS the following benefits:
  • Recognition of your generous support in SOLAR TODAY magazine.
  • Use of the ASES logo for your website or printed materials.

Business Membership $300

  • All the benefits (listed above) of a Professional Member for one organizational contact, PLUS the following benefits:
  • Listing on ASES Business Members page on website
  • One individual ISES (International Solar Energy Society) membership for the same person as above
  • A complementary copy of all new ASES White Papers and Policy Statements
  • Annual recognition of your support in SOLAR TODAY magazine
  • Discount at ASES Annual Conference for all employees
  • Special recognition in the ASES National Solar Conference program
  • Use of the ASES logo for your website or printed materials.

Life Member $1,200

  • (Pay in one payment, 3 annual payments or 12 monthly payments)
  • Life membership entitles you to Professional member benefits for the rest of your life, plus it allows you to demonstrate your dedication and commitment to ASES’ mission. Make a difference with a lasting gift to ASES and gain recognition for your support in SOLAR TODAY magazine every year for the rest of your life.


Nonprofit Membership $200

Open to 501(c)3 organizations

  • All the benefits (listed above) of a Professional Member for one organizational contact, PLUS the following benefits
  • Regular ISES Membership for the same employee as above
  • Annual recognition in SOLAR TODAY magazine
  • A complementary copy of all new ASES white papers and policy statements
Join ASES as a Nonprofit Member for only $200. To join at this level, please call the ASES office: 303.443.3130.

Library Membership $175

Open to University and Corporate libraries.

  • SOLAR TODAY subscription
  • A complimentary copy of all new ASES white papers and policy statements
  • A complimentary copy of ASES annual Conference Proceedings
  • Membership in ASES Technical Divisions
Join ASES as a Library Member for only $175. To join at this level, please call the ASES office at 303.443.3130.


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