Hosting a solar home tour is both rewarding and helps spread the good word about solar energy.

Tour organizers and homeowners are sharing first hand how to take charge on an individual level by implementing solutions that are available right now. As a Tour organizer, you are demonstrating leadership in your community in forwarding the renewable energy revolution!

Here are some reasons from past Tour organizers on why you should become a tour organizer for the ASES National Solar Tour 2014:

  • Organizing a tour makes a huge difference in motivating neighbors to invest in renewable energy.
  • It is a great opportunity to meet local community members.
  • ASES website helps bring different people and ignite interesting conversations.
  • This is a perfect opportunity to share similar industry interests with your community.
  • And, it is a great way to show people how to save money and still have everyday conveniences.

Register your tour:

Click here to add addresses to the solar home tour. Add address in the search field. Click Enter. Click on the green pinpoint. Click add to map. Click on yellow house. Click on pencil icon to edit. Add the date and time of the tour after your address. Add a description about your tour site in the free form text field. Click Save.

New map coming soon! Please add your tour now and ASES will move your info to the new map.

Photo Credit: Colorado Environmental Coalition
Photo Credit: Colorado Environmental Coalition

We look forward to working with and supporting you as a Tour organizer in every way possible to make this year’s 2014 ASES National Tour the best one ever! If you have any questions, please direct them to the ASES National Solar Tour office:

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