Tiny Watts

ASES is launching a new project that we hope you’ll LOVE! We will touch many new hearts and souls; we want tens of thousands of new people – kids and adults, rich and poor – to fall in love with solar and become Solar Citizens.

How? By creating a nation-wide community of users of tiny watts – very small applications of solar PV and solar thermal that are affordable and available to all. Solar backpacks and suitcases for charging cell phones and laptops; solar lights; solar cookers; low-tech solar water heaters and food dryers and much more. Let’s add up all those tiny applications and get to a million tiny watts!

We’ll set up a virtual place for Tiny Watts Solar Citizens to sign up and find info on products and do-it-yourself projects. We’re setting up a team, a website, social media, a registry, an app, and lots more.

Please contribute ideas, support funding, or volunteer as a team member. Help us get the Tiny Watts project off the ground and spread the love of solar!

Check out these tiny, Tiny Watts users!

Contact info@ases.org for more info.

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