ASES Fellows

We congratulate our 2017 ASES Fellows inductees:

Dr. Robert Boehm

Dr. Richard Komp*

Doug Shoemaker

ASES members may be recommended for Fellow Grade status any time of year. The deadline for an initial letter of nomination for 2018 nominations is May 1st, 2018. The two required additional letters of nomination will be accepted until May 1, 2018.  The procedure is as follows:

  • Any member of ASES who has been a member for at least ten consecutive years and has served with distinction in the advancement of solar energy utilization by way of research, education, public service, and/or service to ASES, is eligible for nomination to the grade of Fellow of ASES.
  • An eligible member may be nominated by any three members of ASES in good standing, at least one of which is a Fellow. Each of the nominators shall provide a letter of support containing concrete examples of the nominee’s work, activities, or accomplishments that give evidence of service with distinction. . . Since at least one of the three nominators must be an existing Fellow, a non-Fellow nominator must contact a Fellow to second a nomination. See the list below for current Fellows.
  • The Fellows Screening Committee will review each nomination. The Committee reserves the right to request additional information on a nominee, or to reject a nominee, if the Committee members feel that the submitted documentation is inadequate. The Committee also reserves the right to reject a nomination if it arrives past the deadline.
  • The Committee discourages the submission of papers written by nominees, though such papers may be referenced in the support letters along with a URL and/or a description of the positive results of these works.
  • The Committee shall recommend potential Fellows to the Board for final approval.

For more information, or to submit a nomination, please contact the ASES 2018 Fellows Committee at


William A. Beckman
David L. Block
Renate Boer
Karl W. Boer
G.Z. “Charlie” Brown
Marlene Brown
Harvey Bryan
Jay Burch
Nancy Carlisle
Craig Christensen
Gilbert Cohen
David Comis
Jeffrey Cook*
Polly Cooper
Jane Davidson
Francis DeWinter
Christine T. Donovan
Jack A. Duffie*
Anne Dunning*
Scotte Elliott
Helen English
Wyldon Fishman
Randy Gee
D.Yogi Goswami
Walter Grondzik
Christian Gueymard
Kenneth Haggard
Bruce Haglund
Denis A. Hayes
Elaine Hebert
Stephen Heckeroth
John R. Hickey
Michael Holtz
Bion Howard*
Harold M. Hubbard*
Bruce D. Hunn
Gina Johnson
Lawrence Kazmerski
David Kearney
Robert R. Keller
Edward C. Kern, Jr.
Sanford Klein
William H. Klein
Ralph Knowles
Frank F. Kreith*
Charles Kutscher
Alison Kwok
Ronal Larson
Thomas Lawand
Norbert Lechner
George O. G. Lof*
Susan Luster
Alison Mason
Gabriela Martin
Joseph McCabe
Margot McDonald
Pamm McFadden
Paulette Middleton
Murray Milne
Frederick H. Morse
Michael H. Nicklas
Philip W. Niles
Paul C. Notari
Donald Osborn
David Panich
Richard Perez
Alicia Ravetto
Dave Renne
John S. Reynolds
Stephen Sargent
Marc Eugene Schiler
Kenneth Sheinkopf
Larry Sherwood
Larry Shirley
Walter Shropshire, Jr.
William (Bill) Spratley
Thomas Starrs
Ronald Stewart
Steven Strong
Ron Swenson
Mark Thornbloom
Mary Tucker
Lorin Vant Hull
Frank Vignola
Gary Vliet
Cecile Warner
Jane Weissman
Claudia Wentworth
John Wiles
C. Byron Winn*
Roland Winston
Byard Wood
Gabriela Martin
Dr. Robert Boehm
Dr. Richard Komp*
Doug Shoemaker