Our Team

We’re a small office on a big mission. At ASES, it’s all about the people who make it happen. Whether publishing Solar Today and Solar@Work or producing the National Solar Tour or National Solar Conference, these talented individuals cover the solar and renewable energy scene from coast to coast.

  • Carly Rixham

  • Executive Director

Carly Rixham

Carly Rixham joined ASES as executive director in June, 2014. She is a renewable energy professional with a diverse background in solar, biofuels, education and wastewater management. She received her master of science degree in ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Colorado at Boulder where she researched microalgae for the production of bio-diesel and bio-ethanol. While studying in Boulder, Rixham served as director of arts and sciences at CU Energy, where she was instrumental in recruiting student involvement for events such as the Energy Frontiers conference. She has also taught biology and ecology at the university and high school levels. She also was a microbiologist at BioVantage Resources, culturing algae for bio-remediation of nutrients in wastewater. Prior to her renewable energy career, she worked in software development and customer support at Intuit.

Rixham served as a volunteer on several ASES membership and fundraising projects. She is passionate about nonprofit organizational development, and plans to take ASES into the next generation, reaffirming the organizations role as a leader in the renewable energy community. As solar energy gains success in the market place, Rixham is interested in pushing the solar agenda on a grassroots level. Dedicated to connecting science with the greater community of solar advocates, she is eager to support local chapters to help get real people involved in solar. She envisions a stronger connection with universities, as a way to recruit a new generation of professionals in renewable energy.

  • Sarah Townes

  • Accounts and Finance

Sarah Townes has worked in music and finance in Boulder, CO since 1998, and was delighted to join the ASES team in 2016 to promote solar energy and sustainability in our beautiful world. Sarah enjoys working with the dynamic staff, and managing the finances for such a positive organization brings great job satisfaction. ASES’s large membership base and non-profit status  require full accountability and transparency in all its dealings financial and social, and it brings her pleasure to work in non-profit accounting in such a high integrity organization. Outside of ASES Sarah enjoys singing, teaching singing and performing, and her latest album is available for sale on iTunes. Favorite recreation includes hiking, relaxing by the fire at the St. Julien, and having fun with her family, both immediate and extended. She finds inspiration daily in her young son and his friends.

  • Carly Cipolla

  • Assistant to Membership Services

Carly Cipolla is the assistant to Membership Services, and also an intern within Social Media Communications. She is an undergraduate at CU-Boulder majoring in Environmental Studies with a minor in Atmospheric and Oceanic Science, hoping to graduate the Spring of 2017. Carly is also the President of the CU Equestrian Team and rides competitively on the IHSA circuit. She enjoys traveling, hiking, and relaxing at home with her kitties. She decided to move from the Midwest to Colorado after learning about the Environmental Studies degree program at CU (not to mention, Boulder is one of the most scenic places to live compared to the Chicago suburbs). Upon moving to Boulder, she accepted an internship and position at ASES.

  • Spring Hericks

  • Brand/Advertising/Sponsor Consultant

Spring Hericks is equal parts marketing consultant, brand expert and sustainability advocate. She has nearly 18 years in publishing, PR and marcom with B2B and B2C companies in a range of industries. In 2008, she brought the ASES National Solar Tour to San Antonio while working with a green building and solar energy non-profit. For three years she worked on San Antonio’s SolarFest, adding a 5K “Run on the Sun” and solar-powered start/finish, expanded the festival to include sustainability “tent talks”, and made SolarFest the first 100% renewably-powered event in Texas in 2009 (solar PV and soy-based biodiesel). Other sustainability projects include branding/writing/marketing for an organic foods company, an Austin-based solar installation company, IndyCar Driver Stefan Wilson’s #ThinkSolar campaign, Million Solar Stars project launch, the “Power of 95” speech delivered by former TX Governor Rick Perry, several professional solar/AIA workshops, legislative breakfasts, and more. Recently, she led ASES in re-branding all web properties and continues to support the growth of the organization in numerous ways. She holds a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She is often found with her feet on a mountain or her toes in the sand.

  • Sara Morell

  • Webmaster

Sara Morell is an all around crafty gal living in Longmont, CO. Originally from the east coast, Sara studied art and photography in college and began her creative career as a photojournalist for newspapers in the D.C. area.  Now, Sara specializes in web design, photography and online marketing, and has worked in marketing and operations the photography, outdoor and hospitality industries.  When not designing or working on websites, Sara enjoys hanging out with her pet chickens, hiking and spending time outdoors.

  • Emma Gerona

  • Operations Assistant

Emma Gerona is a senior at the University of Colorado, Boulder. She is studying Business with an emphasis in finance and a minor in philosophy. She grew up in Telluride CO, and as a Colorado native has always been interested in renewable energy and sustainable living. She is passionate about protecting the environment and remaining active in educating her peers about the values of sustainable energy. As the Operations Assistant at ASES she is excited to explore the business side of nonprofits and help make a difference in the world of solar energy.

  • Kaycee Chang

  • Fundraising and Grants Intern

Kaycee Chang is a fourth year student at the University of California, Merced, studying Mechanical Engineering and Environmental Engineering. Kaycee is also the President of the Solar Energy Association at UC Merced. She enjoys hiking, especially in Yosemite, which is only an hour away from where she lives! She is interested in entering the renewable energy field after she pursues higher education. Kaycee is passionate about solar energy as a whole, hopes to learn from the ASES team, and help spread knowledge regarding sustainable energy to the greater community. As the Fundraising and Grants Research Intern, Kaycee strives to find funding to make projects feasible. Kaycee is excited to see what she will learn from being an intern with ASES.

  • Oksana Prysyazhnyuk

  • Membership Intern

Oksana studies Financial Economics at Columbia University and she is an active member of the Center on Global Energy Policy. Oksana developed an interest in renewable energy during her internship at the United Nations. She currently works at the international law firm on Wall street and post graduation Oksana plans to combine her quantitative skill set along with her experience in energy to pursue a career in sustainable investment. Oksana speaks 5 languages, she loves to travel and explore different cultures. She enjoys painting, working out and listening to classical music. Oksana is a member at Metropolitan Opera in New York City, she also currently serves as a treasurer of the Ukrainian Club at Columbia University.
  • Heddie Hall

  • Social Media Advocate Intern

Heddie Hall is in her fourth year at University of Colorado Boulder. She is majoring in Environmental Studies and has focused on renewable energy. She is a Colorado Native and is passionate about renewable energy and sustainable practices. She has worked for Colorado State Representatives on the important issues dealing with energy use and becoming more sustainable in our resource management. In her free time Heddie likes to teach and practice yoga, go skiing, hiking, and hanging out with friends. Through this internship with ASES she hopes to learn how to advocate for renewable energy and communicate the importance of it to a bigger audience.

  • Cole Pelham

  • Development Intern

Cole Pelham is a senior at CU-Boulder, where he is studying Environmental Studies. Cole loves to ski but grew up near the beach most of his life in Delaware. Living near the beach, Cole embraced a strong passion for the ocean and areas around it. He is interested in creating green homes on the shorelines of Central America by implementing practical renewable energy practices. Cole hopes to learn as much as possible about the renewable energy industry from the ASES team!