Awards & Fellows

ASESEach year, we honor individuals making significant contributions to ASES as well as general contributions within the field of solar and renewable energy.

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* We are no longer accepting award nominations for 2017

The 2017 awards banquet will be October 10, 2017, at the National Solar Conference, Solar 2017, at St. Cajetan’s on the campus of the University of Colorado at Denver.

ASES confers five separate awards annually, and regularly names new Fellows.

2016 award winners are listed/pictured below.


Any member of ASES who has been a member for at least ten consecutive years and has served with distinction in the advancement of solar energy utilization by way of research, education, public service, and/or service to ASES is eligible for nomination to the grade of Fellow of ASES.

2016 Inductee: Gabriela Martin

Charles Greely Abbot Award

Dr. David Renne
Dr. David Renne

This award recognizes individuals who have made a significant contribution to ASES or to the field of solar energy. No geographical limitations are imposed and the winner need not be a member of the society.

2016 Inductee: Dr. David Renne

Passive Pioneer Award

Jonathan Hammond
Jonathan Hammond

This award honors pioneers in the passive solar design field who have set the stage for others to follow. Honorees are individuals who have developed the theories, early research efforts, new concepts, and opportunities for later researchers to follow. Their foresight, innovative thinking and creativity have opened doors.

2016 Inductee: Jonathan Hammond

Rebecca Vories Award

Gail Burrington

This award recognizes special contributions to ASES. It honors those whose volunteer efforts have significantly advanced ASES’s ability to meet our mission.

2016 Inductee: Gail Burrington

John and Barbara Yellott Award

The recipient of this award/scholarship must be a graduate student concentrating his or her program in the field of solar energy, and a current member of ASES. The student’s graduate program should emphasize solar and the application must include an explanation of the applicant’s future plans in the field.

Not awarded in 2016

Women in Solar Energy Award

Mary Jane Hale

The recipient is recognized as making a significant contribution to the acceptance and advancement of women in the field of solar energy development or deployment.

2016 Inductee: Mary Jane Hale

Hoyt Clarke Hottel Award

The primary requirement for this award is that the recipient has made a significant contribution to technology in any area of the solar energy field. Hottel Award nominees may have been involved in the development of useful analytical models; the discovery, development, or improvement of energy conversion processes; or the widespread implementation of solar energy technology.

Not awarded in 2014, 2015, 2016